Project Description:

During the class study of rainforests, students created a multimedia slideshow about a rainforest animal. The project started by researching the animal with teacher assistance using pre-selected websites. Using the information they collected, students then created a storyboard to plan their presentation. Finally, the presentations were created using kidpix. Parents were invited into the classroom to view the presentations.

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IT Standards/Benchmarks:

Standard 3: Demonstrate use of technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity
3.1 Know how to use word processing, drawing tools, presentation software, concept mapping software, graphing software, and other productivity software to illustrate concepts and convey ideas.
3.2 Know how to work together to collect and create pictures, images, and charts for development of word processed reports and electronic presentations.
Standard 4: Demonstrate competence in the use of technology communications tools
4.2 Know how to use a variety of developmentally appropriate media (e.g., presentation software, newsletter templates, and Web pages as resources for clip art, music, and information resources) to communicate ideas relevant to the curriculum to their classmates, families, and others.
Standard 5: Demonstrate competence in the use of technology research tools
5.1 With assistance from teacher, parents, or student partners, identify steps for using technology resources such as CD-ROMs (reference or educational software) and Web based search engines to locate information on assigned topics in the curriculum.

Science Standards/Benchmarks:

Standard 4: Understands the principles of heredity and related concepts
4.1 Knows that plants and animals closely resemble their parents
Standard 5: Understands the structure and function of cells and organisms
5.1 Knows the basic needs of plants and animals (e.g., air, water, nutrients, light or food, shelter)
Standard 6: Understands relationships among organisms and their physical environment
6.1 Knows that plants and animals need certain resources for energy and growth (e.g., food, water, light, air)

Language Arts Standards/Benchmarks:

Standard 3: Uses grammatical and mechanical conventions in written compositions
3.1 Uses conventions of print in writing (e.g., forms letters in print, uses upper and lower case letters of the alphabet, spaces words and sentences, writes from left-to-right and top-to-bottom, includes margins.
3.2 Uses complete sentences in written compositions
3.3 Uses nouns in written compositions (e.g., nouns for simple objects, family members, community workers, and categories)
3.4 Uses verbs in written compositions (e.g., verbs for a variety of situations, actions)
Standard 4: Gathers and uses information for research purposes
4.1 Generates questions about topics of personal interest

IL Standards/Benchmarks:

Standard 1: Students understand an inquiry process including how to access, evaluate and use information
1.1 Identify the main idea in both fiction and non-fiction.
Standard 4: Students distinguish among, evaluate and appropriately use current and emerging media and technologies in the inquiry process.
4.1 View, listen to and read electronic materials.