Standards and Benchmarks for MS were met in the following integrated, collaborative projects:

Standard 1 (Inquiry Process)
Standard 2 (Ethical Use)
Standard 3 (Variety of resources)
Standard 4 (Media/Tech. Use)
Exploratory Classes (Jones) (Reference Sources; Knowledge Charts, using OPAC, Boolean Searches, Webpath Express, Britannica Online, authentic notetaking strategies; synthesis & interpretation)

Social Studies (Nash) (Ancient Greece: Scavenger Hunt using variety of types of resources; Ancient Egypt: individual research topics; trad. and online sources; comparison of info.
Ancient Africa: group work on ancient kingdoms) (OPAC; Webpath; EBSCO) ;

English (Tan/Jorgenson): Taught Big 6 for major research paper assignment on Ancient Egypt)

ESL 6 (Sicard) (search strategies; Noodletools)

Science (Cole/Newman) Code Blue project--research on immune system: 3 diff. sources; data collection;
(Cole): cells; diseases; planets
(OPAC/book & website sources); reference sources.
Exploratory Classes (Academic Honesty; Noodletools)

Social Studies (Ancient Greece; Ancient Egypt: Ancient Africa) Noodletools; citation forms to record sources

Science: (Code Blue)
Social Studies (Ancient Greece; Ancient Egypt; Ancient Africa) Independent research.

English: various genres; individual recommendations; major research paper.

New MS Fiction section to promote rec. reading.

Science Fair: independent research projects
Exploratory Classes

Social Studies (Ancient Greece; Ancient Egypt; Ancient Africa)

English: major research paper; online databases; Webpath Express; recording data in Word docs; Noodletools;

Science (Code Blue): information for Wiki.
Social Studies (Seang/Nash) (Ancient Rome; Medieval Europe) Reference sources; databases; weblinks; using keywords & alternatives; evaluating sources; creating and using data collection charts; notetaking)

ESL (Sicard) Variety of sources for "Lord of the Flies";notetaking practice, paraphrasing, synthesis and representing in own words

Science (Cole)
Social Studies (Nash/Seang) Noodletools Advanced; recording sources.

ESL: Noodletools practice with variety of sources
Social Studies: independent research assignments;

Science Fair: independent project research
Social Studies: chose variety of sources provided by library for independent & team projects
Science (Newman) Evolution: (rec. sources; adv. Google searches; science directories)

ESL (Sicard) Paraphrasing
Science: image citation

Science: finding info. & images for Powerpoint