Information Literacy Standards for Grades 3-5

Standard 1: Students understand an inquiry process including how to access, evaluate and use information
By the end of grade 5 students will:
1.1 Identify the steps of the inquiry process as it is used in research:
  • Identify the question or problem
  • Locate and evaluate potential resources
  • Gather and synthesize information
  • Create a new product
  • Evaluate the product and process
1.2 State the question or need for information.
1.3 Identify and locate probable sources of information.
1.4 Judge information for accuracy, relevancy, and type (e.g, fact or fiction)
1.5 Identify and use information to create a product that satisfies the need or solves the problem.
1.6 Recognize that they have followed the inquiry process and describe how well their products satisfy the need or solve the problem.

Standard 2: Students demonstrate an understanding of ethical, legal, and social responsibility in accessing, evaluating and using information, materials and technology
By the end of grade 5 students will:
2.1 Demonstrate individual responsibility for equitable access to information (e.g., share access to limited resources, return materials diligently).
2.2 State the conclusions of their research findings in their own words and cite sources.
2.3 Follow school guidelines for responsible use of information resources (e.g., checkout policies and library rules).
2.4 Share knowledge and information with others.

Standard 3: Students seek a variety of materials for independent learning and personal enjoyment, including the appreciation of literature and other creative expressions
By the end of grade 5 students will:
3.1 Recognize that diverse cultures are represented in a variety of creative formats.
3.2 Experience a variety of literature and other creative expressions and relate them to their own lives
3.3 Use libraries as places to seek information for personal interest.

Standard 4: Students distinguish among, evaluate and appropriately use current and emerging media and technologies in the inquiry process.
By the end of grade 5 students will:
4.1 Identify and use various media and technologies to meet information needs
4.2 Identify and use search strategies to locate information in various media and technologies
4.3 Compare and contrast the quality and accuracy, relevancy, and type of information from a variety of media and technologies.