NETS Standards and Benchmarks (High School)

==Mont Kiara High School Information Literacy Standards and Benchmarks==
(12th grade: extracted from school-wide standards document)

==Standard 1:== Students understand an inquiry process including how to access, evaluate and use information
By the end of grade 12 students will:
1.1 Analyze and adapt the inquiry process to satisfy individual and group information needs.
1.2 Refine and revise the information need to meet the specific format, purpose, and scope of the project.
1.3 Develop a plan to obtain needed information using a variety of research and investigative strategies (e.g., interviews, questionnaires, experiments, surveys).
1.4 Assess information sources using multiple criteria (e.g., coverage, misleading presentation, and manipulated data).
1.5 Synthesize information to create a new product that meets as specific purpose or vision.
1.6 Critique the process and the product of the inquiry.

==Standard 2:== Students demonstrate an understanding of ethical, legal, and social responsibility in accessing, evaluating and using information, materials and technology By the end of grade 12 students will:
2.1 Evaluate the impact of equitable access to information in a democratic society.
2.2 Use information in an ethical manner by adhering to copyright laws, requesting permission to use information, and properly citing sources).
2.3 Follow school guidelines for responsible use of information resources (e.g., circulation policies, acceptable use policies).
2.4 Collaborate with others, both in person through technologies, to identify information problems, seek solutions, and generate new information.

==Standard 3:== Students seek a variety of materials for independent learning and personal enjoyment, including the appreciation of literature and other creative expressions. By the end of grade 12 students will:
3.1 Compare and analyze literature and other creative expressions from diverse cultures.
3.2 Select, analyze and evaluate literature and other creative expressions from diverse origins and connect them to their own lives and to the human experience.
3.3 Apply knowledge of their use of the library media center to a variety of new information environments.

==Standard 4:== Students distinguish among, evaluate and appropriately use current and emerging media and technologies in the inquiry process
By the end of grade 12 students will:
4.1 Analyze and evaluate various media and technologies when applying information necessary to complete a specific task.
4.2 Develop and demonstrate research strategies to effectively locate information in various media and technologies.
4.3 Generate and apply criteria to evaluate the origin, authority, accuracy, bias, and distortion of information from a variety of media and technologies.