Welcome to the Mont'Kiara International School Technology Integration curriculum planning wiki. This wiki is devoted to developing successful IT/IL integration projects at M'KIS.

Technology Mission Statement
See also School-Wide Vision

The mission of technology education at M'KIS is to prepare students, though integration of the Standards of Technology Literacy, to meet the demands brought on by rapidly changing societies. Students will anticipate and prepare for change by seeking and applying innovative strategies using current and emerging technologies.

Core Beliefs:

The future demands:
  • that learners understand that technology brings about rapid change, including moral and ethical considerations,
  • that learners are flexible, adaptable, and effective in using tools that generate and respond to change,
  • that efficient use of technology to gather, process, evaluate, and present information is an essential skill for all,
  • that students are well prepared for the technology related demands found in higher education and in the workplace.

To meet this demand, information technology will be:

Fully integrated into the M'KIS curricular standards and benchmarks.
The key to successfully teaching and learning information technology skills is the total integration into relevant and meaningful curricular contexts. Teachers do not supplant the teaching of other academic areas to “do technology” but instead use technology to better teach the other academic areas.

Supported by teaching and learning that emphasizes:
  • Best practices in technology education, including collaborative learning and problem solving
  • Increased opportunities to achieve standards and benchmarks through active learning
  • Accommodation of diverse learning styles and provision for a wide variety of choice for individualized learning experiences
  • Intelligent use of technology to positively affect student attitude, cognition, and achievement
  • Intelligent use of technology inspires learning
  • Connections amongst students, faculty, administrators, parents, and the community at large
  • A challenge to students to use technology to become adaptable problem solvers and life-long learners in pursuit of personal achievement and excellence
  • Technology use at M'KIS is based upon the believe that teachers do not supplant the teaching of basic academics to “do technology,” but rather use technology to better teach academic content
  • M'KIS graduates will be comfortable and proficient in using technology in all forms
  • Faculty will leverage technology and have the skills necessary to utilize them for the process of effective education
  • We challenge students to establish a critical awareness of the benefits of technology, and the moral and ethical issues related to it
  • Technology empowers students to take command of their learning and motivates them to be lifelong learners